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Group Treasury Manager

Location : Newport
Type : Permanent
Salary : £50k Competitive

The Role

Providing finance solutions generates funding needs and therefore we are looking for a professional to join the rapidly growing Finance department to specifically add value within the Treasury sub[1]team. This is an opportunity to work within a fast-paced environment, liaising with senior management and external funders. The role will focus on preparing submissions and building relationships with our key external funders to ensure all deals are sufficiently funded. Reporting to the Group Financial Controller/CFO you will be key in implementing new funding structures for the business to support the growth of the business. This will involve understanding complex structures. You will gain exposure to all areas of the business such as the Sales team, Funding team, Credit Underwriters, Sales Support and the Pay-outs team, as well as relationship building with external stakeholders involved within the deal cycle, from deal origination to a funded position. With regular access to the Executive team and Board of Directors, the role will also consist of providing reporting to senior stakeholders including the CEO, CFO and COO. This will involve chairing the company’s Asset & Liability Committee (ALCO) reporting into the Executive Committee.

Key Responsibilities

• Manage and own the funded positions of all deals submitted to our key funders.

• Manage and coach a team of two within the Treasury sub-team.

• Work closely with the Head of Funding to ensure optimum funding efficiencies and funding economics are achieved.

• Own the company’s cashflow forecast model and all associated reporting.

• Review and approve all workings performed by the team’s Treasury Accountant for submission to funders to ensure a stable cash position for the business.

• Review and approve all accounting journals and the monthly balance sheet reconciliations in relation to the securitisation structure.

• Monitor cash positions to pre-empt needs to request additional drawing from external funders.

• Liaise with all areas of the business to ensure all documentation and eligibility requirements are met before submitting deals to external funders.

• Monitor covenant positions and provide board level reporting on the monitoring of said covenants.

• Build strong relationships with external funders and associated external stakeholders to make the funding cycle as smooth as possible.

• Chair the Asset & Liability Committee (ALCO).

• Assist with the implementation of new funding sources and relationships around reporting and analytics.


SpecialistKnowledge &TechnicalCompetence

Ability to understand complex structuresandtransactions.

Advanced Excel skills, specifically in forecast modelling.

Experience of reading andwriting basic SQL language to extract data from relevantsystems.

Knowledge of and previoustreasury/securitisationexperience

Qualifications and IndustryExperience


- Qualified Accountant (ACA, ACCA, CIMA)from practice or industry with a background in Financial Services or;

- Part qualified accountant with a proventrack record of operational experiencewithina Treasuryfunctionor;

Experience in Asset Finance orBanking/Lending

Experience with multiple funding structures

-QualifiedTreasurer(ACTor equivalent)


Excellent communication skills in order tomaintain relationships with externalpartiesandreportto seniormanagement.

Excellent organisational skills, the abilityto work to tight deadlines and remaincalmunderpressure.

Work closely with people from across allparts of the business to ensure they havethemoney neededtofundprojects.

Attention to detail and high levels ofaccuracy.

Persuasive when dealing with others.Goodatmanagingrisk.

Work as part of a team to achieve boththe team and business objectives, as wellasbeingabletoworkindependently.


Competencies Applicable for the Role

Adaptability &Prioritisation

Able to handle changing prioritiesand make sound assessments onthe importance of activities andassignments to ensure theachievement of the end goals is notimpacted

Behighlyorganisedinworkingthroughactivities toahighstandard

Adapt to change as the business growsandnew systems & processes areimplemented

Assessbusinesspriorities,ticketimpacts,and ensure efforts are focussed whererequiredtosupportbusinessoperations


A willingness to review systemsand processes to identifyopportunities for growth andimprovement.An innovator willexplore new ideas, methods, andsolutions to impact businesschange.They will also takeownership to make a difference bygenerating and communicatingsolutions and ideas to achievebusiness goals

Developandconveysolutionswhichimpactcriticalbusiness problems

Develop, test, deploy and measuresuccessofsolutions



Ability to work with others towarda shared goal, participatingactively, sharing responsibility andrewards, and contributing to thecapabilityof theteam

Work with product owners, businessanalysts and end users to deliver a fit-for-purposeservice

Building strong relationships withinternalstakeholders andunderstanding their business areas.Building lasting relationshipsinternally to support the business inachieving operational efficiencies andbusiness goals

Integrity in our Service

Doing the right thing in the rightway for our customers.Adheringto a strong set of Values across allrelationships with colleagues,customers, and suppliers tocontinually exceed expectationsaroundserviceto customersand

  1. Decisions are maderespectfully,communicated

Ensure role is delivered withinCompliance standards and ensurescontinued valued relationships with internal and external stakeholders

Communicate clearly with stakeholders Be able to make and stand by decisions Deliver on all promises

honestly, and executed withreliability

Report errors and breaches

Position of : Group Treasury Manager, Newport

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