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Location : Cardiff
Type : Permanent
Salary : to £100k

Job Summary:


To manage the Group’s Treasury assets and liabilities ensuring the treasury risk profile is within the stated treasury risk appetite. Develop the Group’s funding strategy and wholesale counterparties.


Ensure Assets & Liabilities Committee () and Board are clear and regularly updated of the Bank’s liquidity, interest rate risk and treasury credit risk.





1.                   Manage the Group’s liquidity, ensuring cash duration is adequate to maintain liquidity and repay potential outflows, which is to include cash requirement forecasting and stress testing.


2.                   Develop the Bank’s retail funding strategy whilst considering the use of wholesale funding.


3.                   Manage the Bank’s Corporate Bond portfolio advising of buying and selling opportunities.


4.                   Manage the Bank’s liquid assets buffer ensuring the buffer is adequate in terms of quality, liquidity and compliance with the PRA rules.


5.                   Liaising with other departments, manage and update the Bank’s Individual Liquidity Adequacy Assessment Process (ILAAP)


6.                   Work closely with Finance and consider the Group’s profitability when making investment decisions.


7.                   Work to ensure that the Group’s cost of liquidity is mitigated as much as possible to aid in the Group’s results.


8.                   Manage investment portfolio including cash and potentially building a corporate bonds portfolio advising  on purchases and sales and ensure has adequate liquidity to repay annuity liabilities.


9.                   Ensure reports are prepared and presented accurately, and continually look to develop the reporting format.


10.               Ensure the Groups fund transfer pricing policy is appropriate and business units are appropriately charged for funding.


11.               Manage the development of the Treasury team ensuring they can adequately cover the Group Treasurer role in times of absence.


12.               Review and constantly improve the systems requirements for Treasury and make recommendations as required.


13.               Establish and maintain relationships with Treasury contacts and counterparties to help improve treasury expertise and increase the resilience of the Bank’s Treasury operations.


14.               Oversee the production of the Interest Rate Risk pack, developing or enhancing risk reports to reflect any changes to the business model and the Treasury Risk Appetite.


15.               Produce (and develop) management reports, clearly and concisely reporting against key risk areas against the groups stated risk appetite.


16.               Proactively maintain awareness of regulatory developments, ensuring the Group adequately meets all requirements.


17.               Ensure all treasury procedures and process level risk assessments are maintained, and near misses and losses promptly reported.


18.               Ensure Company policies and procedures are adhered to at all times, and due consideration is given at all times to clear segregation of duties.


19.               Undertake any other reasonable tasks as and when requested by the Chief Financial Officer.

Position of : Treasurer, Cardiff

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